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We offer rural fincas and village houses in and around the area of Matarrana, in Aragon, which must be one of the best kept Spanish secrets. Maybe you already know about the stunning scenery, and rivers which make natural swimming pools in the rocks, the traditional Spanish villages nestled between beautiful vineyards and olive groves, architecture dating back to the 13 th century, the friendly local people, the wonderful food and restaurants, national parks, walk where Dinosaur remains have been found, traffic free roads, a safe environment to raise children, the outdoor lifestyle............oh, and of course the sunshine. We could carry on forever...........

The nearest airport is Reus, a 75 minute drive through the countryside, and the coast is only an hour away.

This is the "Real Spain", you certainly wont find large communities of expatriates, who expect everybody to speak English, or busy nightlife, or, everything done yesterday! But if you are wanting to live amongst Spanish people, learn their language and culture, enjoy their seemingly endless fiestas, then why not come and explore rural Aragon, we're sure you will be amazed.