Getting an NIE

"Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros" or "Identity Number for Foreigners"

Spanish legislation makes it compulsory for anyone of non-spanish origin selling or buying property in Spain to have a NIE - Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros which, translated, means "Identity Number for Foreigners".

To get a NIE, you will need the following in person - there is no ability for any one else to perform this task for you:

  1. Visit your local Policia Nacional
  2. Complete an Application form and present your passport
  3. Provide a recent passport sixed photo
  4. A photo copy of your passport

The Spanish Foreign Office makes no distinction between EU-member state cititizens and other foreigners applying for the all-important NIE. Experience suggests you will a long queue of immigrants in Spain seeking the same paper as you. We advise our clients to go very early in the morning to the Police Station, because the queues can get very long, and they can only process a certain amount each day.