Are there extra costs that I will have to pay when I purchase my property?
You will have to pay 7% of the value of the property purchased, this is called transmission tax, Spanish equivalent to the UK's Stamp duty and is paid directly to the Spanish government. On a new build property you will have to pay 7% IVA (VAT equivalent) and 1% transmission tax. The Notary and the Registry fees are also paid by the purchaser and these fees vary depending on the size and location of the property purchased.

Can we book a viewing trip if we haven't yet sold our property in the UK?
Of course, however it is important that you have some funds available for a deposit to reserve a property should we find the right property for you. What we dont like to see happen is you spending your time viewing properties and then not be in a position to purchase.
Will it be a problem for the non-Spanish speakers moving into such an area?
Oh no, there are many English speaking doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects etc within the area. At Finca_Casa-Aragon S.L. we are Spanish English and Catalan speakers who will help with any translation issues and concerns. To help you on your way many local councils are providing free Spanish Lessons to the foreign community.

Can I make alterations to my property that I have bought, ie extensions and refurbishments?
Yes, this can be done however, you will sometimes need to obtain a project from an architect and submit plans to the local town hall for the building licence. There are two types of licences, one for Obra Menor (small works) where you wont normally need a project from the Aarchitect and an Obra Mayor (major works) where you will need an Architect's project. At Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. we will of course assist you with any introductions and the paperwork.

How long does the sale procedure take?
The sale procedure can be completed as quickly as 1 week or as long as 1 year, this all depends on the vendor and the purchaser, we will negotiate on your behalf to meet your needs. In normal cases from the point of reserving your property to completion is between 8 weeks and 12 weeks.
If in the future we decide to sell our property, what are the procedures?
We at Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. can of course assist in selling your property; there is a buoyant market for resale properties. Contact us and we will market your property and endeavour to sell as quickly as possible. Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. will gladly give you a market valuation prior to marketing and selling your property, if you need a valuation for mortgage purposes your chosen bank will send their own representatives.

Can Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. provide us with a building service to build the house of our choice?
Absolutely, Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. can put you in contact with reputable builders, as well as working with other companies and Architects. We will help you to build and finish your project to a very high standard. If new construction or self-build is something that you are interested in then speak to Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L.. If you do not already own land, we can assist you in your search.

Can I still claim my Pension and/or benefits in Spain?
Yes! You can have these paid into any bank account in the UK or abroad. For further help and information see: www.dss.gov.uk

Will I need to speak Spanish?
It is not a necessity as the foreign market is well catered for in Spain with the vast majority of staff speaking a multitude of languages. Of course, it is advisable if you want to make a life in Spain and you will find local people will really appreciate you making the effort.

What about my pets?
They are welcome too!
They will need their own EU passport and this can be obtained from your vet, your pet will need a microchip and a rabies vaccination.
To find out more go to: www.petexports.co.uk

What about my Children and their education?
Moving abroad is one of the best experiences a child can have. If they are young then they will pick up the language very quickly at a local Spanish school. If you would like them to continue with the UK curriculum, then there are many options and private education is much cheaper in Spain than in the UK. Julie, one of the directors of Finca-Casa-Aragon S.L. came to Spain with a six year ol Son, who is now fluent in Spanish and Catalan.
For more information see: www.nabss.org

Is it true that the cost of living in Spain is cheaper than the UK?
Yes, this is true.
Things like electricity and water are lower and things like alcohol, cigarettes and petrol/diesel are significantly lower.
Car and property tax are also substantially lower and are only due once per year.
The quality of life is better in Spain and people generally find they are able to dine out more as well as afford a better standard/style of accommodation.

I am re-locating to Spain and will need to find employment, how can I find a job?
There are a variety of ways to find the job for you; many internet sites will list situations vacant as well as Spanish newspapers and such publications like the Overseas Job Express.
Anyone from the UK that becomes resident in Spain, and has obtained an NIE number, and has a valid passport can work in Spain without a permit.
There are a whole host of opportunities from modelling to brick-laying available for suitable applicants.
See www.4icj.com/es as a starting point, but employment is usually easier to gain once you are residing in Spain.

I have heard of the NIE number, what is this and will I need one?
An NIE number (sometimes also called a NIF number, but they are the same) is a fiscal number used to identify you on official papers.
You will need one as you cannot legally buy a property, car or boat etc. without having applied and received your NIE documentation. You need to apply for your NIE/NIF personally and this can be done when you are in Spain.

What about the Health service in Spain, what happens if I am ill and need to see a Doctor?
Do not worry, the quality of health care is considered equal, if not better than the UK.
If you are holidaying in Spain then ensure you apply for your European Health Insurance card (EHIC) as this has taken the place of the E111. You can apply at your local post office (it is free) and it takes around 21 days, but will entitle you to treatment on the same terms as residents of the country you are travelling in.
If you are taking residency and working in Spain, contributing to the Spanish Social Security you and your family are entitled to medical and dental treatment on the same terms as Spanish Nationals.
If you are retiring to Spain, taking residency and are receiving a state pension, then the Instituto Nacional de la Salud will cover you.
Not forgetting that Private Medical insurance is much more affordable in Spain and there are a number of companies/clinics that offer good packages.
See www.spain.info for further information.

I am on prescription medicine; will I be able to get it in Spain?
Generally yes, but do check with your doctor/local chemist to ensure you will be able to get the medicine you require in Spain.

How do Spanish people feel about us coming into the country and buying property?
Positively. We bring our own money into the country to purchase property and the money helps the economy.
The Spanish people are the ones that benefit from this.

Will I be able to get English television?
Yes! There are whole hosts of Companies offering all of the English channels together with Sky channels too. This is much cheaper than in the UK and there is no TV license to pay!
(English newspapers are also printed in Spain and can be found on sale in many shops together with a full range of UK foods)