Spanish Property Buyers Guide

A simple outline to buying Spanish property.

  • Set your budget limit and stick to it.
  • Visit the property at least twice before you make a decision.
  • Check what amenities the property has such as electricity, water, gas.
  • Approximate costs of buying a Spanish property.

As well as the cost of the property, the buyer will be liable for transfer tax (IVA), which at present is 6% on a second-hand property and 7% on a new one, plus 1/2% stamp duty. The property registration office will charge you a fee to change the new deeds into your name. This is usually around €300. There will also be Notary fees for copies of the 'escritura publica'. The charge is on a scale depending on the purchase price. In general you should always allow approximately 10% of the purchase price for the extra costs.